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Temporary Relief for Franchise Registrants Affected by the COVID-19 Outbreak Granted by the Commissioner under N.D.C.C. § 51-19-17(3)(a)

  1. Relief Related to Annual Franchise Registration Filings by State Registered Franchisors

The North Dakota Securities Commissioner understands that state registered franchisors may have difficulty updating their registration filings in a timely manner. Accordingly, a franchisor registered with the North Dakota Securities Department may perform any of its registration filing requirements set forth by North Dakota Franchise Investment Law and related regulations up to 30 days after such action is due to be performed.

  1. The Department Provides the Following Guidance:
  • Filings may be submitted electronically that include clean/marked Franchise Disclosure Document “FDD” and related filing forms.
  • Submit only one filing per email and include the file number and franchisor name in the subject line.
  • A copy of the filing cover letter must accompany the filing fee check that will need to be mailed to our office.
  • Paper copies are not required.  Send marked/clean FDD on CD ROM.


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Karen Tyler, Commissioner

North Dakota Securities Department



Diane Lillis, Franchise Examiner

North Dakota Securities Department

State Capitol     |     600 E. Boulevard Ave., 5th Floor     |     Bismarck, ND 58505

PHONE: (701) 328-4712     |     E-MAIL: dlillis@nd.gov


File: Emergency Notice No. 2020-02 Franchise March 30 2020.pdf

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