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Contact:  Karen Tyler, Securities Commissioner, (701) 328-2910;  Lauren Strinden, (701) 426-1475


The North Dakota Department of Securities is sponsoring the 14th annual, week-long, financial literacy middle school tour by The National Theatre for Children (NTC) with the goal of using theatrical comedy to inspire students to begin developing good money habits at a young age.   


This year's program called Dimes, Dollars and Decisio​ns runs from October 1-5, 2018, teaching and entertaining over 3,000 students at ten middle schools in Minot, Kenmare, New Town, Beach, Dickinson, New Salem, Mandan and Bismarck. Through a series of four comedic sketches the actors engage audience participation to help students become familiar with these personal finance topics: 

  • The difference between credit and debit cards
  • What taxes are
  • The importance of forming a savings habit
  • How insurance works 


Learning about personal finance at a young age is key to making smart decisions on money matters throughout all life stages, says Karen Tyler, Commissioner of North Dakota Securities Department.  We want to help our students develop healthy money habits before they bring home their first paycheck.  


The financial concepts covered in NTC's Dimes, Dollars and Decisions live shows are reinforced by student playbooks (both online and print versions), teacher guides, e-books, and digital games and activities that align with the financial concepts presented in the performances and are provided at no cost to the schools through North Dakota Securities Department's sponsorship.  


 “We’ve educated millions of kids over the last 38 years,” says NTC president and founder Ward Eames.  “A huge factor in the success of these programs is that students inspired about a topic will go home and pass that inspiration on to their families.  It’s a way to spread a message into the greater community and help kids to prepare for their future.  That’s very rewarding.” 


For a complete list of schools and locations on the financial literacy tour, contact Matt Levine at mlevine@ntccorporate.com. For more information on The National Theatre for Children, visit: www.nationaltheatre.com.  


About North Dakota Securities Department

The mission of the Department is to protect North Dakota’s investors through the administration of state securities laws and rules. The Securities Department is responsible for regulating the offer and sale of securities in North Dakota. It registers and monitors the firms and individuals selling securities or providing investment advice to North Dakotans, and registers securities offered and sold in the state. Through its investor education programs and resources, the department strives to help North Dakotans make informed investment decisions, avoid fraud and build financial security. www.nd.gov/securities


About The National Theatre for Children (NTC)

The National Theatre for Children is a premium provider of educational programming with operations in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand. NTC works directly between schools and clients to promote beneficial behaviors and life skills to students in grades K-12 on a local, regional and national level.


NTC’s award-winning educational programs are provided free for schools and are customizable to accommodate specific messages and goals for clients. Through formats including live performance, in-class discussion, graphic novels, print curriculum, and digital games and activities, we present topics such as energy conservation, safety, financial literacy, STEM, water and environmental stewardship, and health and social responsibility in ways that engage and empower students. In doing so, NTC helps clients to be forces of change for students, parents and communities. www.NTCcorporate.com



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