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There is still time for teachers to register for the 9th Annual Invest North Dakota Teachers Academy to be held July 12-16 in Bismarck. This valuable course will assist teachers in presenting personal finance topics to their students. The Academy will be held at The University of Mary in Bismarck and is sponsored by The North Dakota Securities Department. Upon completion of the course, teachers will receive two graduate credits through the University of their choice (NDSU, UND or MiSU). The deadline for registration is July 1, 2004 and enrollment is limited to 150 teachers so apply now.

Invest North Dakota is a valuable experience for all North Dakota teachers from elementary through high school, said Diane Kambeitz, program coordinator.

Today's young people will face an array of personal finance decisions that will far surpass the decisions that their parents or grandparents had to make. Surveys have proven that most students leaving high school are ill equipped to make financial decisions that will help determine the quality of their lives, such as handling credit cards, paying taxes and even saving for the future. However, studies have also found that just 10 hours of financial literacy instruction will prompt most young people to start preparing for the future, stated Kambeitz.

Teachers participating in the course need only pay a $50.00 non-refundable registration fee. All other expenses, including credit tuition, seminar materials, dormitory lodging and some meals are FREE to teachers completing the course.

Approximately 20 business, education and professional leaders will present topics on business and finance during this 4-day seminar. In addition, curriculum materials will be made available for all grade levels to assist teachers in presenting topics to their students.

For more information and a registration form, contact the North Dakota Securities Department at (701) 328-2910 or 1-800-297-5124. An agenda for the event and a registration form may also be found on the Securities Department's web site at www.ndsecurities.com through the education link.

Teachers who help students prepare for their financial futures certainly deserve our assistance, encouragement and thanks, concluded Kambeitz.

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